About Pacific Crest Trail Detox

Program Overview: About Pacific Crest Trail Detox

Pacific Crest Trail Detox offers high-quality, affordable, and compassionate assistance for individuals looking to end their substance use and overcome the struggles of physical and psychological withdrawal. Our employment of traditional detoxification services includes both medication and clinical interventions. As a result, we can facilitate a smooth and comfortable transition into sobriety. Learn more about Pacific Crest Trail Detox and our unique detox programs.

Our program provides 24-hour care. Physical, psychological, and emotional health are vital to our mission in addiction recovery. Pacific Crest Trail Detox ensures a thorough pre-admission screening so that we best equip every individual.

Over the course of 8 days, our clients will adjust to a lifestyle of sobriety. Furthermore, we’ll provide a seamless transition to residential treatment. Our goal is to be a starting point for the continuum of care. Detoxification is essential during the long process of treatment and healing. Our staff will assist each client in determining where they will discharge for further care.


Our facilities are boutique, home-like settings in a comfortable suburb of the Portland metropolitan area. Clients entering our detox center have the support of our compassionate staff. They’re immediately ready to assist them with the highest level of care. Clients primarily occupy gender-specific, two-person bedrooms. Accommodations will be made to satisfy special boarding wherever possible.

 You can explore our facilities in advance via our virtual tour.

Our staff will provide three nutritional meals per day and periodic snacks. Our pre-admission screening ensures that we are aware of specific needs and restrictions prior to arrival. For example, we prepare to serve their nutritional needs as well as possible.

Clients will also maintain a relatively clean and orderly living space. We’ll assist when physical and psychological conditions inhibit their ability to do so. Clients will share restrooms to ensure safe and sober behavior. Amenities include bedding, toiletries, household supplies, and all other items essential to the detoxification process. We suggest that clients focus on bringing with them appropriate attire for the setting and time of year, as well as any other personal belongings that may help in this process (books, art supplies, etc.). For more information about Pacific Crest Trail Detox, contact us today.