What Is Detox

Chemical dependencies of all varieties present unique, yet serious physical and psychological health concerns. Dependence upon substances, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, can create life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. For that matter, what is detox exactly?

Challenges of Detox

The human body’s chemistry, biology, and functioning change when an individual uses an addictive substance. The body adjusts to the recurrent ingestion of these chemicals, on all levels, compromising natural homeostasis. When an individual removes such a substance from their body and ceases ingestion, the body begins the process of reverting back to normal, healthy functioning.

Through this process, the individual may experience discomfort, pain, psychological irregularity, and strong emotions.

Gain Support at PCT Detox

The team at Pacific Crest Trail Detox has the training and experience to help individuals navigate this period of time. In addition, we implement medications and clinical services that help minimize discomfort and improve safety. At our detox center, you’ll learn to cope with psychological and emotional quarrels that may arise, while working towards complete abstinence from addictive chemicals.

Our detox programs aid in this difficult process and support each individual as they embark on their recovery journey. For more information about this life-changing experience, reach out to our clinical team today.