Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Pacific Crest Trail Detox is remaining open to treat patients at this time. We are taking a number of measures to keep our patients and staff safe and symptom free, including rigorous sanitizing and deep cleaning of our entire facility.

Please Call with Any Questions: (844) 960-3639

About Our Program

Pacific Crest Trail Detox, LLC offers high-quality, affordable and compassionate assistance for individuals looking to end their substance use and overcome the struggles of physical and psychological withdrawal. Our employment of traditional detoxification services includes both medication and clinical interventions, in order to facilitate as smooth and comfortable of a transition into sobriety as possible.

We Do Not Take OHP At This Time.

What Is Detox?

Chemical dependencies of all varieties present unique yet serious physical and psychological health concerns. Dependence upon substances such as alcohol and benzodiazepines can create life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, once the substances are out of an individual’s system and abstinence begins. The human body’s chemistry, biology, and functioning are severely altered when an individual uses an addictive substance for a substantial length of time.

Who We Serve

Pacific Crest Trail Detox, LLC employs rigid adherence to laws and regulations regarding discrimination and does not avoid serving any individual based on demographic information or other inherent characteristics alone. Our qualified medical, clinical, and admissions staff members review all pre-admission evaluations to determine whether or not each individual is appropriate for our program, ensuring that we can provide appropriate care to suit their unique needs.

Our Mission

Pacific Crest Trail Detox, LLC aims to provide a superior quality of care in a comfortable setting so that our clients can begin their journey into recovery and overcome their chemical dependencies.

Our Joint Commission accredited facility allows for us to be recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards, which in turn allows us to offer the highest quality of care towards each and every individual in need.

You can take a look at our facilities for yourself by exploring our virtual tour.

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