Recently, I found myself in the middle of an opportunity to help a person struggling with addiction to enter treatment but could not find same-day placement he/she desperately needed. After exhausting my contacts and resources, I waited for return calls. Just in time, I found out about Pacific Crest Trail Detox. I contacted the facility and within minutes they approved entry and the immediate accommodations. The person needing the services was amazed that they cared so much and coordinated the enrollment so quickly. The person said, “I learned that I should not give up. That I can get the services I need if I don’t give up and become willing to do whatever it takes to get help.”

That same day, we arrived at the facility in Milwaukie and received a warm welcome. The director and all other staff that we met made their new resident feel welcomed without judgment. The detox center is in a regular house which increased the warm home atmosphere. A chef for the facility had clearly posted the menu for that day of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with chicken parmesan as the main course with a vegan alternative.

The day was hot, in the 80s, and you would not know it when sitting inside the home due to the air-conditioning. The common area was very comfortable with new modern furniture and a big screen television. The cleanliness of Pacific Crest Trail Detox was very impressive even for this borderline OCD person, adding to the safety and comfortability. The icing on the cake proved to be the private rooms allowing for private reflection and ample sleep aiding in the healing process to make the next step in the recovery journey.

The detox center could be fabulous and five stars in offering all a person could need; but without the non-judgmental staff that provided the warm welcome, it would just be another negative experience for the person trying to recover from addiction. The shame and guilt rise to a heightened state when a person has made the decision to stop using and seek services. An addict does not need any help in judging themselves as most have mastered the skill of relentless self-hatred thoughts and will talk themselves out of treatment. The underlying foundational thought is they are not worthy of getting help. The staff provided respect and encouragement. Pacific Crest Trail Detox has an amazing team. Thank you for being there to help people as they become willing to receive the help.

Salem, OR

The biggest change for me while I was in detox was to have been able to become aware of my intolerance to stressful situations. I learned that I can practice an open mind to a healthier approach to life and continue to do the “next right thing” for my sobriety. I am seven days clean and sober. 
Portland, OR

Pacific Crest Trail Detox was the best and cleanest detox I have ever been to. The staff and nursing staff were the most caring medical facility I have ever been to. What I liked most was how comfortable the staff made me feel during the whole process. 

Portland, OR