To start with addiction help, value the resources at your disposal. While it may seem a bit trite to revisit, there is certainly something that can be done to help an addict, and to aid their quest in overcoming drug addiction.

When we come to understand addiction through the classic disease model, what we really come to understand are the three main goals one needs to achieve in order to conquer an addiction. Those three goals include:

  • Cessation of drug use
  • Continued abstinence of drug use
  • Outside support through community (i.e. family, friends, etc.)

The last of those being the most important which ties into the disease model, because after all, addiction is a family disease as well. It effects all those in the addict’s immediate circle. However, first and foremost, the addict must stop using. No healing can begin for anyone until the drugs and alcohol stop.

Begin Recovery With Detox

Once the addict has admitted they need help with their addiction, the very next step is entering detox programs. Often times there is a thin understanding of exactly what it is these drugs do to our body, and in some cases, stopping drugs without any sort of medical detox center can potentially be fatal (such as with benzodiazepine and alcohol abuse).

Stopping isn’t even necessarily the hardest part for the addict. Additionally, addiction help can begin long before the addict reaches that point. In fact, the addict may very well want to cease using drugs but is afraid of the aftermath. Where are they going to find their coping mechanisms? How are they going to function and/or find motivation, and what is detox going to look like for them?

Start With Addiction Help at PCT Detox

That is where Pacific Crest Trails comes in. With a combination of both detox from a professional medical staff, as well as available resources for further behavioral counseling, Pacific Crest Trail provides all the necessary tools and resources that the addict in early recovery will need to combat their addiction. Within the period of a week to 10 days, the addict will begin the detox process towards sobriety. This can include further treatment involving behavioral counseling, or outside help within the community.

Addiction help begins with understanding that something can be done, and never has to be done alone.